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Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabian Riyal

Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia

Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)

Last update: Thursday 22nd November 2018 10:49 pm According to the time zone of Riyadh
Note: Gold prices are updated every half an hour
Gold Unit Price today
Thursday 22nd November 2018
Price yesterday
Wednesday 21st November 2018
Change Percent
Gold Ounce 4,604.66  4,603.40  0.03%
Gold Gram K 24 148.06 148.02
Gold Gram K 22 135.71 135.67
Gold Gram K 21 129.53 129.49
Gold Gram K 18 111.01 110.98
Gold Gram K 14 86.39 86.37

Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia Gold Price Charts in Saudi Arabia

Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia Gold Price in Saudi Arabia in previous days

Date Gold Ounce Gold Pound gram K 24 gram K 22 gram K 21 gram K 18 gram K 14
21 Nov 4,603.40 1,036.14 148.02 135.67 129.49 110.98 86.37
20 Nov 4,580.55 1,030.99 147.28 135.00 128.85 110.43 85.94
19 Nov 4,584.62 1,031.91 147.42 135.12 128.96 110.53 86.02
18 Nov 4,579.82 1,030.83 147.26 134.98 128.83 110.41 85.93
17 Nov 4,582.25 1,031.38 147.34 135.05 128.90 110.47 85.97
16 Nov 4,583.05 1,031.55 147.36 135.07 128.92 110.49 85.99
15 Nov 4,557.70 1,025.85 146.55 134.33 128.21 109.88 85.51
14 Nov 4,542.30 1,022.38 146.05 133.87 127.77 109.51 85.22
13 Nov 4,516.07 1,016.48 145.21 133.10 127.03 108.87 84.73
12 Nov 4,519.19 1,017.18 145.31 133.19 127.12 108.95 84.79
11 Nov 4,539.94 1,021.85 145.98 133.80 127.71 109.45 85.18
10 Nov 4,537.88 1,021.39 145.91 133.74 127.65 109.40 85.14
09 Nov 4,537.88 1,021.39 145.91 133.74 127.65 109.40 85.14
08 Nov 4,572.34 1,029.14 147.02 134.76 128.62 110.23 85.78
07 Nov 4,591.98 1,033.57 147.65 135.34 129.17 110.70 86.15
06 Nov 4,611.11 1,037.87 148.27 135.90 129.71 111.16 86.51
05 Nov 4,611.80 1,038.02 148.29 135.92 129.73 111.18 86.53
04 Nov 4,621.92 1,040.30 148.61 136.22 130.01 111.43 86.72
03 Nov 4,625.50 1,041.11 148.73 136.32 130.11 111.51 86.78
02 Nov 4,625.50 1,041.11 148.73 136.32 130.11 111.51 86.78
01 Nov 4,623.19 1,040.59 148.66 136.26 130.05 111.46 86.74
31 Oct 4,568.32 1,028.24 146.89 134.64 128.50 110.13 85.71
30 Oct 4,567.27 1,028.00 146.86 134.61 128.47 110.11 85.69
29 Oct 4,606.08 1,036.74 148.11 135.75 129.57 111.04 86.42
28 Oct 4,627.44 1,041.55 148.79 136.38 130.17 111.56 86.82
27 Oct 4,626.97 1,041.44 148.78 136.37 130.15 111.55 86.81
26 Oct 4,626.97 1,041.44 148.78 136.37 130.15 111.55 86.81
25 Oct 4,622.73 1,040.49 148.64 136.24 130.03 111.44 86.73
24 Oct 4,642.32 1,044.90 149.27 136.82 130.59 111.92 87.10
23 Oct 4,620.52 1,039.99 148.57 136.18 129.97 111.39 86.69

293 Responses to Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabian Riyal

  1. shaik yousuf says:

    gold price dayli update

    • lancy pinto says:

      dear sir madam please can you send me gold rate today of jeddah and jisaan 24 carat gold

      • bhaskar says:

        hi shaikh

        please purchase gold as much as u can coz at the end of this year the projection of gold Appx. 40000 INR.

      • imransaudi says:

        gold 24K saudi mills= 1750 SAR of 10g biscuit bought/traded for public on thursday 24May.
        Gold 22K Swiss coin = SAR 1300 of 8g coin sold on the same day.

        • imransaudi says:

          swiss gold 1 gram 140 riyal today.

          i am providing you best gold price with minimum services charges. please contact . Website is driven by some info only. Always keep market price knowledge to trade /store gold.


          • Anwer says:

            How you are providing and what is the guranty of gold

          • ejaz ahmed says:

            i want to buy 24 c gold buiscuit . plz tell me the price to the minimum

          • Kadir says:

            I am looking to purchase gold pls advice right time & place in dammam

          • imransaudi says:

            for all, please wait and see , don’t rush to buy gold. Gold market is in turmoil. don’t waste your money. gold will come near 140 SAR per gram. so my advice WAIT & SEE. An honest salesman always keep his future customer with uptodate information.

          • imransaudi says:

            Now you can purchase Gold from my source.We give u best price in market with resell guarantee. Riyadh is my selling point. Also i am providing my sincere advice for your financial matters to my customers.

        • imransaudi says:

          swiss gold 24K = 155 sar in wholesale for petty customers

          for wahah and other information seekers. for serious customer we will soon offer very good price. so wait.

          • Jawad says:

            imran kindly give ur contact number

          • imransaudi says:

            already given in above. Gold market correct trend will appear on monday. i fear it will go UP. This may be right time for betting on GOLD. Good luck to everyone. please read my earlier messages. my contact no. 00966562466352 . email : imran.ahmed2@yahoo.com.

          • imransaudi says:

            My analysis was correct. Prices will swing around 150-165 SAR brackets. I smell that this will be same for one month now.

          • imransaudi says:

            dont buy Gold. As i advised you. you will loose your money at the end. For Pakistanis buy Euro,Dollars , it will give you benefit.

          • sirajulislam says:

            Please were cn I by gold&war wll o sale in riyad
            And if send India hw many grams I’ll send
            Tell me please

        • imransaudi says:

          Advice: Buy Gold in low quantity of max. 50 grams. Now the betting time has begun. this may be right time with risk minus 8% on original price. Gold price is stabilizing itself. It seems that the main player of Gold stock do not want reduction of their amassed money. They have started to withdraw Gold to keep prices intact.

          • imransaudi says:

            advice2: You can purchase Gold but i feel that its price will not jump so soon. May be you will wait for one month atleast to get your given price back. dont forget you will never get your buying price when u resell it. so if you have long term investment say 6 months, you can purchase Gold. but it is risky now. i feel it will not give u much profit.
            Advice 3 : Pak currency is dropping very sharply, do not change foreign exchange to Pak rupee, keep here and change in pakistan from open market you will gain 5% increase on your wealth.
            information: i am correcting my status so, i am dealing a very good Gold selling company in kingdom who will give much discount on godl purchase , so i will be back for such confirmation for you own benefit. thanks

          • drona says:

            dear fren,

            recently the price of gold is being increased, i was waiting it to fall some and buy around after one month, now m in problem. please suggest me what would be better, to buy now or to wait some more…please forward your analysis.. i need to buy some gold and m in great dilemma. thank you

          • imransaudi says:

            Drona ,
            Don’t be confused.Although mining companies are offering Gold in much less price but despite gold price is ok to bet on. You can purchase Gold. But be cautious to purchase Gold on lowest available price in the market. You can purchase Gold for your own use. I am afraid it will not give u much return if you invest much in this highly uncertain commodity.You can purchase as much as 50-70 grams. otherwise you will not sleep because big investors who has purchased Gold in minimum price can drain their stock again which may destabilize the prices. So my advice purchase in low quantity and do not much expect for huge return in coming 3 months.

          • gabby says:

            We have any types of gold dust, bar and scrap for sale, we are looking for buyers,

            Interested buyers are welcomed for a transparent business discussion.

            Contact us for more information on youbangindustrylimited@hotmail.com
            thank you

          • imransaudi says:

            To all who emailed me-
            Gold rate will swing around the current price. I suggest they can purchase Gold in low quantity i.e for personal use only. also note that Pakistan & india have both banned import of gold in their countries.So please be warned to purchase gold for any investment intentions. Thanks all friends.

    • kavitha says:

      Mr saik please update daily rate in gold


      Dear Gold Buyer,

      We are offering 100-500 kg of Gold Dust at a very good and competitive price.

      QUANTITY: 295KGs
      QUALITY: 23+ CARATS.
      PURITY: 92%-97% PLUS
      PRICE: $38,500 PER KG

      THE TERMS OF PAYMENT: Cash/Wire Transfer

      1.Proforma Invoice
      2.Certificate of Origin
      3.Geological department.Assay Report
      4.Export Permit
      5.Full Sets of customs Documentation’s
      6.Insurance Certificate.

      The buyer will pay 60% upfront for the gold and 40% (Negotiable) when
      it gets to his or her refinery for final assay report . The buyer
      will come to our Agent’s office in Nairobi Kenya, our head office
      first for physical inspection of the gold, take some sample for assay
      test then if satisfied,
      he will deposit 10% to enable us effect the shipment immediately on his behalf.

      The Director of the company himself will accompany the product to your
      destination to witness the final refinery at your end and ensure that
      the balance of the money is remitted or transferred to our designated

      Our procedure is very good and simple, the buyer comes down to Nairobi
      Kenya to inspect the goods and test.
      After that, the diamond parcel will be deposited with an Airline for
      shipment and this is when we expect the buyer to make the payment.

      A prompt reply will enable us to commence without delay the necessary
      arrangement that will make us conclude this business as prompt as
      would be practical. Furthermore, we currently seek outside-based
      serious investors
      on a partnership basis in order to increase our production capacity.


      E-MAIL: minersprivate@mail2kenya.com

    • imransaudi says:

      Buy Gold now- dollar and euro are going to crash due to political conditions in europe. China is buying gold due to uncertainty of dollar and euro.

  2. mujono muali says:

    Hello There

    Where may I buy gold for investment as starter in Jeddah for a troy 9999 ? Whta is the requirement paper to buy ?
    Thank you very much.
    Kindest regards
    Mujono Muali

  3. shabbeer says:

    there are several trusted gold dealers in jeddah.
    i do buy and sell but for personal purpose.
    there is almost nil doubt of cheating.
    you can buy ans sell without hesitation with original bill.

  4. Please Send to me the Gold Market Rate’s Every Day

  5. Mohammed Azeem says:

    I want to know the Gold dealers who sell gold by using Bank Rate or internet online rate.

  6. Fayez says:

    Whats the official difference in the spot price at the exchange and retail gold souk. Where to buy gold at the official exchange rate which is cheaper than shop rate…anyone. Thanks!

    • shabbeer says:

      the spot price at exchange is governed by global market deliveries but the retailers prices are mostly governed by the first market price and local transaction.
      in KSA-commercial banks are the only place which provide the current market rate for gold.

  7. wajid says:

    kindly lemme know dealers in jeddah phone and name

  8. Run says:

    Price was to high deference from spot price in the market.

  9. shabbeer says:

    internet price /spot price is affected buy many governing global factors while the the best rate provided by banker investors are almost the same.
    there are various channel through which you can trade.
    for online trading you must have a commodity online account , and for hard/personal trading purpose there are banks as well as local dealers who provides you best market price for gold.

  10. Sidikulu says:


    Bankady miners group, within the region of sikasso republic of MalI.

    Am , Mr sidi kulu a native of Bamako in Republic of Mali West Africa.I am the representative of Benakdy local miners group in the region of sikasso a geograhpical location in the republic of Mali with higher Au deposition.
    we are potential gold-dust producer,the group is a make-up of able-adults with long -experience in mining and siffting archivements as well as brilliant reputation in gold processing due to thier old acquittance with gold.

    We mine on authorised local-sites given out to the community people by the government of Mali for up-lifting rural living conditions in the interiors of Mali thus permiting us,the free-hand of right of ownership to possess and dispose what so ever we obtain from the sites upon personal independent decision. Bankady local miners group in due advantage has the right to sell to any interested buyer who will be willing to go into long-term business
    relationship with him.

    My Community as i am writing in conjunction with the Village heads has in their possession this article (Gold Dust).
    Interested buyer must definately arrive in Mali for prospective meeting and discussion with the local miners and thier heads in order to reach an agreement on tmportant questions concerning the product and procedures accordingly.

    Specific information concerning the article:

    Object : Au
    Nature : gold-dust (or pepitte)
    Quantity available : 350 kgs
    Grade : 22+k
    Purity : 92%
    Price per kg : 21,500 USd

    We would like to hear positively from you

    Warm regards.
    Mr,sidi kulu
    E-mail sidikulu@yahoo.com
    Bamako in Republic of Mali West Africa

    • Faizy says:

      Mr. Sidi,
      I have 450 kg of gold you want to buy this..you bastard trying to cheat people.

    • AMZA says:

      You son of a gun Sidukulu, you big time swindlers should be whipped in Public. Dirty Liars Bloody Nigerians..I know innocent families you have swindled.
      Dont worry we’ll track you via your email ad.


      • DIASPORA DEVADAS says:


    • Chor says:

      you idiot cheat! wait police is on the way to your house! they will hang you upside down! and melt the gold in your ears!

  11. mujahid says:

    Dear all for your kind attenssion do not go for the above coments mostly cheaters like mali who had gold for sale

  12. Jayamurugan says:

    i want gold rate

  13. salma says:

    daily updat gold rat pelse send my e mail

  14. EZAZ AFZAL says:

    daiiy update rat SAR
    PELSE SEND MY e-mail

  15. mbasheer says:

    plz send gold rate everyday on e mail id

  16. zeeshan says:

    Kindly inform me from where m going to buy gold in jeddah on current internet price. Or which bank is seiling gold?

  17. Kindly inform me from where m going to buy gold in jeddah on current internet price. Or which bank is seiling gold?
    here we chek all 4 riayl extra need to current internet price

  18. asif says:

    send me daily gold rate my mail

  19. Faisal says:

    Please send me the daily gold rates on my email.


  20. Arifir Rahman says:

    Kindly inform me from where m going to buy gold in jeddah on current internet price. Or which bank is sailing gold?

  21. Kabir says:

    Please send daily gold rate on my e-mail.

  22. Shaid says:

    Could you please tell me which bank sells gold in Yanbu? I buy gold rom the market which always charge me 10 riyal extra each gram. Also, where to buy gold in Jeddah.

  23. Mo says:

    Where should I buy gold in jeddah? and can I get the current rate for 24 k gold. per ounce and per gram
    thank you

  24. Arifir Rahman says:

    Kindly inform me from where m going to buy gold in jeddah on current internet price. Or which bank is sailing gold?????
    I was ask. this ? but I did not received any ans…!!!

  25. abdulazeem says:

    Which bank in madina almunawara sell the gold on market rate? Please.

  26. Arifir Rahman says:

    I never get any ans. from this website why???? If u can’t help us why run this website

  27. ziasaleemi says:

    every day i want to know gold price

  28. ziasaleemi says:

    every day i want to know gold price.coz really i am trusting to buy and sale gold.thanks

  29. ahmed says:

    i need 24 k price per gram daily up date by email in jaddha

  30. i need 24 k price per gram daily up date by email in riyadh

  31. cheema says:

    plese send me gold rate

  32. Liton says:

    I need buy 22 k gold , Jiddah

  33. Azhar iqbal says:


    kindly tell me main dealer in Khobar how he sell the gold on orignal rate.

  34. khan says:

    i want to by gold in dammam, please give me dealer name from where i can by at good rates.

  35. Rafi says:

    Can you inform the actual rate for 22 K gold price in Jeddah jewel shops.

  36. i need 24 k price per gram daily up date by email in saudi arabia and india rate also pls

  37. ibrahim says:

    pls.send me daily gold price rate..thanks!

  38. mohammed mushtaq says:

    Please let me daily gold prices, where to buy 24 carrate gold in damma or al khobar of saudi arabia. Thanks

    • dr shabbir ahmad khan says:

      i want to buy and sell on current internet rate in al ahsa or khubar please guide me .

      • Bashir says:

        Hello there!
        Just want to know if the prices up there are MY selling price or buying price?
        I usually sell 18+K bar in Dubai, everything is easy there, no license needed, airport custom clearance smooth (just a receipt from where I bought), and also taxes is insignificant. Could you please let me know the requirement to import and sell in KSA. Thanks

    • fatima says:

      salam, u can buy 24 K gold biscuits at amoudi gold exchange , few block straight opposite to salama hospital, khobar.

  39. fayez yanbu says:

    Whats the official difference in the spot price at the exchange and retail gold souk. Where to buy gold at the official exchange rate which is cheaper than shop rate…anyone. daily Thank,

  40. Mr Ameen Asif says:

    Please kindly send me daily gold rates on my email

  41. Kindly given shop name who sell the bank rate and internet onlen kindly suggest me, because i am staying in Riyadh Area

  42. Mohamed Hassan says:

    Would you please send me where I can find traders who sell the online price in RIYADH for the gold ounce.

  43. Shajehan says:


    Dammam gold best shop to purchase?

  44. Mustafa says:

    Malabar Gold

  45. Mustafa says:

    Mustafa purchase gold from Malabar Gold

  46. amjad mahmood says:

    dear sir iam from indian iam working in saudi

  47. jamil says:

    dear friends,
    kindly let me know best of 24 k gold seller spot in jeddah and makkah

  48. ghamdi says:

    Rahji bank selling gold with same price of internet

  49. Mohsin khan says:

    Whats the official difference in the spot price at the exchange and retail gold souk. Where to buy gold at the official exchange rate which is cheaper than shop rate…anyone. daily Thank,

  50. Rishi says:

    please send tell me or send me e mail , where we can buy gold in Dammam , KSA at this price ?

  51. Hi says:

    I want sale 24ct how want to by rat ?

  52. sumi says:

    salam,gold rate is always high compared to net rate.dealer say its design or making charges.

  53. JAY SARA says:

    please can you send me the latest gold price list everyday on my mail

  54. ali says:

    i want know where buy and sell 24,22 carat gold dammam and khobar on internet price kindly send me right suggestion

  55. afm jalaluddin says:

    Could you send the gold price every day morning. Thanks.

  56. Aayan says:

    kindly let me knw if i want to sell my gold in riyadh on good rates, who should i contact to?? is there any bank in riyadh that buys gols bars and ornaments?
    plz i want ur reply…. thnks

  57. Amin says:

    Please let me know where can i trade in Riyadh

  58. abuyahya says:

    i need 21 k price per gram daily up date by email in Jeddah

  59. Aftab Ahmed says:

    How long gold price will be like this trend?

  60. Muhammad Ramzan says:

    Please send me daily gold price list.

  61. Abdul Majeed says:


  62. Shani says:

    send me gold rate

  63. ahamedzakir rhm says:

    Could you send me the gold price every day morning. Thanks.

  64. MIYAKHAN says:


    • Gold Price in Saudi Arabia in previous days
      Date Gold Ounce Gold Pound gram K 24 gram K 22 gram K 21 gram K 18 gram K 14
      01 Oct 6,617.91 1,489.56 212.79 195.05 186.16 159.54 124.16
      30 Sep 6,642.85 1,495.18 213.60 195.78 186.86 160.15 124.63
      29 Sep 6,643.38 1,495.30 213.61 195.80 186.87 160.16 124.64
      28 Sep 6,674.90 1,502.39 214.63 196.73 187.76 160.92 125.23
      27 Sep 6,581.30 1,481.32 211.62 193.97 185.13 158.66 123.48
      26 Sep 6,614.55 1,488.80 212.69 194.95 186.06 159.46 124.10
      25 Sep 6,617.16 1,489.39 212.77 195.02 186.14 159.53 124.15
      24 Sep 6,610.25 1,487.84 212.55 194.82 185.94 159.36 124.02
      23 Sep 6,649.87 1,496.75 213.82 195.99 187.06 160.32 124.76
      22 Sep 6,648.45 1,496.44 213.78 195.95 187.02 160.28 124.74
      21 Sep 6,638.06 1,494.10 213.44 195.64 186.72 160.03 124.54
      20 Sep 6,620.62 1,490.17 212.88 195.13 186.23 159.61 124.21
      19 Sep 6,636.60 1,493.77 213.40 195.60 186.68 160.00 124.51
      18 Sep 6,587.31 1,482.68 211.81 194.14 185.30 158.81 123.59
      17 Sep 6,654.55 1,497.81 213.97 196.13 187.19 160.43 124.85
      16 Sep 6,641.09 1,494.78 213.54 195.73 186.81 160.10 124.60
      15 Sep 6,640.39 1,494.62 213.52 195.71 186.79 160.09 124.59
      14 Sep 6,650.49 1,496.89 213.84 196.01 187.07 160.33 124.77
      13 Sep 6,494.80 1,461.85 208.84 191.42 182.69 156.58 121.85
      12 Sep 6,509.05 1,465.06 209.29 191.84 183.10 156.92 122.12
      11 Sep 6,492.12 1,461.25 208.75 191.34 182.62 156.51 121.80
      10 Sep 6,519.81 1,467.48 209.64 192.15 183.40 157.18 122.32
      09 Sep 6,510.36 1,465.36 209.34 191.88 183.13 156.95 122.15
      08 Sep 6,510.36 1,465.36 209.34 191.88 183.13 156.95 122.15
      07 Sep 6,339.45 1,426.89 203.84 186.84 178.32 152.83 118.94
      06 Sep 6,363.15 1,432.22 204.60 187.54 178.99 153.40 119.38
      05 Sep 6,346.88 1,428.56 204.08 187.06 178.53 153.01 119.08
      04 Sep 6,360.97 1,431.73 204.53 187.47 178.93 153.35 119.34
      03 Sep 6,340.09 1,427.03 203.86 186.86 178.34 152.85 118.95

  65. MIYAKHAN says:


  66. Ahmed says:

    i m in riyadh
    i want to buy gold for business purpose
    Could anyone say the places

  67. sameera says:

    send me mail every day price of d gold….

  68. Ahamed zakir Addalaichenai says:

    pls.send me daily gold price rate..thanks!

  69. asimkmw says:

    pleas send me daily rates of gold

  70. sql says:

    I don’t understand that what these people are looking for?

  71. please can you send the gold rate of dammam everyday on my e-mail . Thanks

  72. munwar says:

    please daily reat gold send me
    mobile no 0599304484

  73. m. tariq saeed says:

    hi n salam/

    plz send me gold 24 k 50 grams price in saudi riyals every day on my email if possible.
    thanks n bye

  74. imran says:

    can you send me daily gold rates on my E mail

  75. imran says:

    for 22 k 10 grams price in saudi riyals

  76. Mohammad Younus says:

    from where i can buy gold in whole sale rate in jeddah?

  77. Please i want to know where to buy Gold and sell for business in jeddah, and which bank is provide best price

  78. Mohammad Younus says:

    i want to know whole sale market in jeddah,i need guidence.

  79. where is the whole sale market for Gold in jeddah and which bank give best price……..

  80. Musawer Khurshid says:

    I need to know the Gold prices graph, where it would be?

    Like last year(2011) Ramadan the Gold prices were quite high like 24K was SAR-230/- and after that it started to go down never touch that highest point. What will be you people have experience that what will be the Gold price graph in future?
    Is there any chances to grow up like SAR 230 again or always will be less like now I noticed.

    Thank you in advance.

  81. almas miah says:

    kisliya sona ka bhau badta jata he dosto na to a khaneka kam aiga na to a pineka kam aiga joi faida nahi he dosto a kharidna

  82. md.reza says:

    i want witch month going dwun gold price pls give me information tank yuo

  83. sajid says:

    log apni qayamat ke aag jama kar rahe hai

  84. eric says:

    I am looking for a good market of Gold.
    I am a miner in Democratic Republic of Congo.

  85. ali says:

    Can i hold myself from buying gold for another 1 month, assuming there will be a decrease in rates?
    What is the forecast, does anybody know?

  86. qualiq says:

    need ur expert advice i Wish to purchase gold could you please let me knoW if its right time to buy gold.

  87. tabi says:

    please daily update gold price

  88. mohammed majid ahmed says:

    please sent me daily gold rate in my I D

  89. shabiyullah says:

    Please send me the daily gold rates on my email.

  90. Salahuddin Shamsuddin says:

    Gold price will increase bid by bid till mid 2012 and will start dripping after that.
    21kt will cost SAR170/g

  91. whats nearest best time selling my gold when nearest increasing or decreasing

    • Mirza Kausar Baig says:

      Gold Ounce 6,457.04 6,515.77 -0.90%
      Gold Gram K 24 207.62 209.51
      Gold Gram K 22 190.30 192.04
      Gold Gram K 21 181.63 183.28
      Gold Gram K 18 155.67 157.08
      Gold Gram K 14 121.15 122.25

  92. imtiyaz says:

    Please send me the daily gold rates on my email.

  93. sameer says:

    plz send me the daily gold rates on k.s.a & india on my email.

  94. mubu says:

    is there any possibility that gold price will be down this year..

  95. Ameeen Qureshi says:

    Hi Guys,
    If I Will Subscribe My Number So There will Be money or not

  96. Shajar Alam says:

    currently rate of Singapore gold per 10 gram .

    • Mirza Kausar Baig says:

      Gold Ounce 6,457.04 6,515.77 -0.90%

      Gold Gram K 24 207.62 209.51
      Gold Gram K 22 190.30 192.04
      Gold Gram K 21 181.63 183.28
      Gold Gram K 18 155.67 157.08
      Gold Gram K 14 121.15 122.25

  97. AMZA says:

    please mail me daily Gold prices.



  98. shakil says:

    can you confirm me the current rate of 22 k gold. Thanks.

  99. bhaskar says:

    As per RBI order dated 22.10.2012 vide their memo ref. RBI/GD/00125685/124

    the gold price will be down in the month of March 2013 upto INR 25000/ to 26,000/- per 10 Grams.

    Please dont bye till the time gold and silver wait for that time ..

    Best Regards


  100. syed sharfu says:

    can anyone tell any good quality and reasonable price gold shop at Dammam, am in plan of purchasing 10 grams in november. insha allah.

  101. Manzoor shah says:

    Can i have the gold rates for the monthly basis. regards

  102. ashfaq Khan says:

    Dear sir/madam can you inform me regarding the gold price, in which month it mostly cheaper in saudi arabia gold markets. thanks and best regards.

  103. aamir says:

    Inform gold price

    • Mirza Kausar Baig says:

      Gold Price in Saudi Arabia in previous days
      Date Gold Ounce Gold Pound gram K 24 gram K 22 gram K 21 gram K 18 gram K 14
      08 Nov 6,438.34 1,449.14 207.02 189.75 181.11 155.22 120.79
      07 Nov 6,457.08 1,453.36 207.62 190.31 181.63 155.67 121.15
      06 Nov 6,345.43 1,428.23 204.03 187.02 178.49 152.98 119.05
      05 Nov 6,297.66 1,417.48 202.50 185.61 177.15 151.82 118.16
      04 Nov 6,293.49 1,416.54 202.36 185.48 177.03 151.72 118.08
      03 Nov 6,293.24 1,416.49 202.36 185.48 177.03 151.72 118.07
      02 Nov 6,423.98 1,445.91 206.56 189.33 180.70 154.87 120.53
      01 Nov 6,455.59 1,453.03 207.58 190.26 181.59 155.63 121.12
      31 Oct 6,419.27 1,444.85 206.41 189.19 180.57 154.76 120.44
      30 Oct 6,409.17 1,442.58 206.08 188.89 180.29 154.51 120.25
      29 Oct 6,425.99 1,446.36 206.62 189.39 180.76 154.92 120.56
      28 Oct 6,417.97 1,444.56 206.37 189.15 180.53 154.72 120.41
      27 Oct 6,417.80 1,444.52 206.36 189.15 180.53 154.72 120.41
      26 Oct 6,412.10 1,443.24 206.18 188.98 180.37 154.58 120.30
      25 Oct 6,400.33 1,440.59 205.80 188.63 180.04 154.30 120.08
      24 Oct 6,417.79 1,444.52 206.36 189.15 180.53 154.72 120.41
      23 Oct 6,472.14 1,456.75 208.11 190.75 182.06 156.03 121.43
      22 Oct 6,465.68 1,455.30 207.90 190.56 181.88 155.87 121.31
      21 Oct 6,458.16 1,453.61 207.66 190.34 181.66 155.69 121.17
      20 Oct 6,456.87 1,453.31 207.62 190.30 181.63 155.66 121.14
      19 Oct 6,515.77 1,466.57 209.51 192.04 183.28 157.08 122.25
      18 Oct 6,559.20 1,476.35 210.91 193.32 184.51 158.13 123.06
      17 Oct 6,568.29 1,478.39 211.20 193.58 184.76 158.35 123.23
      16 Oct 6,515.65 1,466.55 209.51 192.03 183.28 157.08 122.24
      15 Oct 6,539.02 1,471.81 210.26 192.72 183.94 157.64 122.68
      14 Oct 6,578.43 1,480.68 211.53 193.88 185.05 158.59 123.42
      13 Oct 6,577.83 1,480.54 211.51 193.86 185.03 158.58 123.41
      12 Oct 6,636.22 1,493.68 213.38 195.59 186.67 159.99 124.51
      11 Oct 6,615.12 1,488.93 212.70 194.96 186.08 159.48 124.11

  104. shahzad says:

    plz tell me about gold price it will go up or down. i want to buy gold plz comment

  105. syed maqsood hasan says:

    Man remember one thing always GOLD price will always goes up in future so never waste time in purchasing BUT see to it that you purchase gold at low rate by analyzing 6 months / 1 year graph – That’s that !!!

  106. bhaskar says:

    I have 100 grams gold biscut 999.99 tunch if any one buy please contact me mishrabm1@gmail.com asap.

    i purchase this from Jeddah, KSA with original recipt.

    my sale price is 250,000/-

  107. Maqsood says:

    Can you check your email and call me back as I’m interested to buy Gold.

    Best Regards,

  108. Maqsood says:

    How come you be so irresponsible ??
    At least, you have to reply to my message saying i’ve already sold the gold.
    How can you understand the humanity when you people like you born as Bastard !!
    Morals comes from good family background.

    Mia Bhai

  109. Maqsood says:

    Where are you mother fucker, Bastard ??
    Why are you fooling people by giving fake advertisements….?

    Best Regards,
    Mia Bhai

  110. Tahir Iqbal says:

    respected sir i want to know that how much price of 10 gram biskit. and plz also tell me that in saudiarabia 21k gold jewlery is also available in market. thanks its tahir

  111. muzaffer khan says:

    i want daily status in my mail for gold rate in Saudi Arabia

  112. raghib says:

    I am intrested to buy some gold so culd u help me what is the right time to buy the gold.

  113. abid says:

    it is a good busness i want to do it so any body can help me as he wish

  114. Ayaz Khalid says:

    Is the price mentioned in Ounce for 24K?

    I know that an Ounce is around 31g, but is it 24K?

  115. Uzaan says:

    if i want to buy a set of Gold How much karat one should i prefer and i heard that the rate will not be same i.,e in internet different and in real in market diferent…………..

  116. mumar says:

    current gold price

  117. M. Ibrahim says:

    Can i get gold price at my email ID everyday in Saudi Arabia please?

  118. MR Ameen Asif says:

    Dear Sir ,
    Can I get Daily Gold Rates on My Mobile My No Is 0593009724

  119. Subramaniyan says:

    pls send me gold rate in jeddah and jizan, which place is beter to buy

  120. Asli says:

    Market price is not same,,,,,, compare to above,
    so can you please tell me anyone,,, where we have to buy in RIYADH

  121. tauqeer says:

    I am not sure about these proce of saudi Arabia,Riyadh becz o yesterday bought and he gaved me 22k k 1gram 181SR?
    So kindly guide me.

  122. mo ishak khan says:

    can i get gold price at my email id everyday in saudi arabia please

  123. Haris says:

    Can you please provide me daily gold rate at my email address. Also which is the best place to buy 24 carrot gold bars?

    • Zahid says:

      I found Dammam and Riyadh to be better place. find the phone numbers of gold shops on the net and you will get all the addresses and phone numbers. ask them about the price before leaving..

  124. Honnappa sk says:

    please send all gold rate uptodate or monthly,,

  125. Zahid says:

    Is there any shopkeeper (shop owner) here who can give gold on a rate specified on top or let say he will take x% on top of the specified rate. bcoz I found rates of gold very high and one have to very careful and bargain and check the price in many shops..

    • Chor says:

      Zahid, Please be very careful. All shop keepers are waiting to loot you. Don’t go out. If you must go don’t take your money. Take my money if you like.

  126. Rashid says:

    How can i buy the Gold Bars and how much i can buy?

  127. Shaikh Tariq says:

    i need daily gold rate

  128. User says:

    Dear Owner,

    Why did you removed the list providing the accurate rate in each country. Please keep.

    Thanks & Regards
    Gold User

  129. Amed says:

    Hey, today now (15 Apr 2013) what is the gold price or 21k and 22k per gram
    and what is the the price of a gold coin 8gm English Coin 21k

  130. thiru says:

    Dear sir

    I want to purchase gold and bring to india from saudi arabia, how many grams allowed in india airport

    please reply me

  131. ARQAM says:


    why gold is cheap now a days?


  132. Tejendra Budha says:

    Dear sir
    I want to purchase gold and bring to Nepal from saudi arabia, how many grams allowed in Nepal airport and why gold is cheap now a days please reply me


  133. gold owner says:

    Many countries like Cyprus; France and Japan is selling their gold to make correction in their currencies… result price down… further.. price of land in USA is down.. the ppl investing in…

  134. rajen says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to buy gold coin for 10 to 50 gm from jubail. Can u pls guide me where to buy?Also what is standard margin of price on net and retailer price on shop?

  135. gold owner says:

    Dear from the website rate.. estimate approx 100 to 150 SR more in open market for 100gm gold.. and buy from any money changer in jubail or your city…!!

  136. Sultan says:

    Any one have d knowledge… Gold prices goes up r down from today….

  137. Sultan says:

    Mr bhasker…. Do u have any knowledge about the gold market prices…. From here gold price goes up or down….?

  138. Sultan says:

    How many tola’s can we take to india from saudi arabia….?

  139. gold owner says:

    The prices will go up but for short period.. if Japan & France sell actual gold not future… then it will go down.. for sure… by june gold will touch $1,540 (SAR 19,250)…

    The opinion is urs to buy or not…!!

  140. Mohammad Nazeer says:

    please update me daily gold rates in saudi rabia

  141. kamil khan says:

    i want to by gold in jeddah please give me dealer name from where i can by at good rates.

  142. engr mustafa says:

    hi daer how is doing
    i am engr mustafa whan to buy 10 once gold
    whats up date of market.

  143. rajen says:

    is their any difference in price and quality of gold biscuit of 50 gms X2 and 116.6 gm success gold biscuit.Laso if we buy from joy lukkas or jubail retail market any drastically price difference per 10 gms?

    • Fayez says:

      This is a Jewish plot and the way to work this is to dump gold in the market…say one week before Ramzan. The price has to fall….i can just see their faces….

  144. GKhan says:

    could u please send me daily rate of gold in Jeddah–thanks

  145. GKhan says:

    could u please send me daily rate of gold in Jeddah city ?– Thanks


  146. Amir says:

    Kindly send me the two year gold graph and place in Madinah where I can buy gold on daly rates…

  147. asif says:

    could u send daily gold rate

  148. Saleem says:


  149. pls send me gold rate in jeddah and jizan, which place is beter to buy

  150. nasir says:

    some one tell me about the gold price ?
    and about the chances of ups and down in price ?

  151. AS says:

    Any one can share the information:

    How much grams of 9999 pure gold are allowed to take while travelling outside the kingdom?


  152. latif says:

    dear i want to purchase gold 24 qirat in biscuit. where is rajhi branch for sale in madinah al munawarah

  153. fazle haq says:

    any ideas in doing business in gems…..i have many contacts in Pakistan

  154. Nazeer says:

    Hello every body advise me the correct retail purchase rate of gold 22k to day

  155. abdul says:

    in the month of August-2013 how much gold rate will be hike on 22k, please inform me.


  156. ismail says:

    When is it good time to purchase gold….
    Now that the market is getting stronger on gold please let me know when to buy

  157. Nasiruddin says:

    dear all…. i have been waiting for a change when you be coming latest gold price into to be buy for my personal,,,,,,, please could you given me some advise about the gold market in ksa….

  158. subhan says:

    In sha ALLAH this weekend i ll purchase gold for my Marriage 🙂

  159. MR: abu hanif says:

    Dear sir madam please can you sand me gold rate today of may email

  160. MR: abu hanif says:

    dear sir madam please can you sand me gold rate everiday of may email

    • Chor says:

      I’m interested in your gold. Please send urgently. Eagerly waiting for your gold. Please tell me how many kgs you have and where are you keeping it presently. Thank you.
      Your truly
      Chicken Chor

  161. hassan says:

    i want to buy gold bars in jeddah saudi arabia at the internet prices. please tell me the name and location of the stores available in jeddah

    • Chor says:

      Please contact me very urgently. I have lots of gold bars 26 carat. I’m sorry if you are looking for 24carats. Look elsewhere. Please bring your money in hard cash better in dollars to my place. But please act fast. I need to sell out quickly as i want to buy Al Baik.
      Your sincerely,

      Chicken gold trader…0554433221

  162. Faruk Khan says:

    The price here its not same in the market

  163. IBSHAM says:

    what is the price exactly price of 24K in the yanbu gold market because last we had buy a biscuit but it’s price was different from the price shown in this web so please tell me the accurate price so please tell the accurate price of 24K so we can buy it easily

  164. owais says:

    Can somebody tell..y malabar gold is costly..i want to buy gold bar..shuld i buy from malabar..or which is reliable n cheaper

  165. Nizar Ali says:

    Dear All,
    Would like any body advise me that in the coming days the gold price will going increase or decrease if I invest in gold.
    I will very appreciate your valuable advise.

  166. nagesh says:

    Dear Imran,

    i want to buy gold for my personnel use, not for investment. Now, is it the right time or should i wait. I saw gold price at around 139 but now the price is 149, it increased almost 10 riyals in just 15 days. pls., advise me what to do.


  167. abdul halim says:

    I am riyad for likt to gold bat price is hai

  168. gcnb gvfn says:

    what is the price of 22k gold???????

  169. haneef says:

    We need everyday gold price

  170. Cano Manuel says:

    I smell that the price of Gold will further dip below 4,700 SR per troy ounce for 24 K Gold this month. The Syrian crisis is abating, and so people resorting to a safe haven currency will dwindle,thereby further reducing the demand for Gold in the market.

    I think a quick indicator of how Gold prices will settle/behave is how the big players in the middle eastern crisis deal with regional conflicts.

    • Khan says:

      Dear Cano Manuel, you that gold ll go down but shopkeeper always take 10 15 riyal extra on per gram …can u tell me the bank or market those sell gold on actual price as per days…

  171. Mr. ABDURAHMAN says:

    we have over 200kgs ready for sale in Ghana. contact us: +233262101889

  172. KHAN says:

    dear sir i want to bye 24 k gold as same rate online

    how can i bye in jedda

  173. Vimalan( JUBAIL) says:


  174. Vimalan( JUBAIL) says:

    you that gold ll go down but shopkeeper always take 10 15 riyal extra on per gram …can u tell me the bank or market those sell gold on actual price as per days IN DAMMAM AREA ARE IN JUBAIL

  175. immu says:

    What is the market rate of gold…22 carat…I need to purchase ornaments

  176. ahmed says:

    i want sale used Gold ? Please need your advise,

  177. Mr. Kenni Izac Madu says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Selenge Mining Community Republique of Mali. Our company is representing and supporting local mining cite in Mali. I have legal power to sell gold from our local mining cite and I have
    available quantity for sell, Our company sell our gold in good price.

    Specification of our gold is;
    Form: gold dust
    Quality: 22 carat +
    Finess: 95.+% purity or better
    Price is negotiable per kilo
    Origin; Mali

    I can ship the gold through Air cargo to you address after agreement is sign between us.

    You can also come to Mali, then, I will take you to visit our mining cite and you will buy from us or you can come to visit and if you are satisfied to do business with us then we go ahead.

    I wait for your letter of intent so that I can send you our transaction procedure.

    Best Regards
    Mr Ahmed Usman
    Skype: kenni.metaux

    Mr. Kenni Izac Madu
    Telephone 0022363572258
    Email: kenni.exp.import@gmail.com
    Address: Rue 23,porte 112 Bamako Mali
    Licence Nr. 2010.B .1080
    City: Bamako
    Country: Mali
    Profession: Gold Marketer
    Nationality: Malian

    • Saify says:

      Hi, send me gold about 5,000 dollars. i live in saudia. i’ll check if its real and pay u.


      Don’t ask for advance payment like other shitdiggers , fu*kfaced , morons who advertise similar to your advertisments and are fraud.

      I trust u r a real supplier, therefore i’m replying you.

      contact me ONLY if u r NOT a Fraud like others, if i dont get ur reply then it wud mean that u r a FRAUD. Hopefully u r not, but who knows. So contact asap and deliver gold asap otherwise it will be clear that u r a FRAUD , which apparently for now, u r not, but again who knows.

  178. Shahid khan says:

    Dear All

    i want to buy some use gold with good design, if anyone want to sale,please communicate with me.
    weight is no problem but design will be outstanding.
    KSA Riyadh.

  179. Sammoname says:

    Wow I will buy everything lolz

  180. asim says:

    i want to purchase gold.Please tell me at this time i will purchase or wait

  181. NAR says:

    i want to purchase gold.Please tell me at this time i will purchase or wait

  182. GK says:

    Could you please send gold rate on daily basis??-Thanks

  183. GK says:

    Could you please send me gold rate on daily basis??-Thanks

  184. SAYED says:

    where from gold biscuit can be purchased in Dammam

  185. Pradeep says:

    @Sayed, you can purchase gold biscuits from Malabar or Sona Jewelers in Dammam.
    Malabar is better and authenticate I guess…

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